Spring DIY Projects Big & Small

Written by Urban Sherp on April 30th, 2011

Finally feels like spring here in Cambridge. Sun is out, lilacs are blooming, trees are greening. All very exciting and has us wanting to get out and do something with our hands.
Here are a couple of fun spring projects – one that takes no time and minimal supplies and the other, well the other is going to take a lot of motivation, and possibly approval from the Cambridge Historic Trust…..

1) The Firefly Candles, courtesy of the Fabulous Beekman Boys, adds a little sweet simplicity and innocence to your backyard fete or front porch respite… All you need are some votive candles, glass canning jars and some fishing wire.

2) Front Slat Fence, courtesy of The Brick House blog. We say fences like these all over California and have been pining for one ever since. Just trying to figure out how that would work with a Victorian…. Still want one and the sail canopy too! Here’s the DIY for the slat screen, swoon….

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