Relax at the Furniture Society’s Furniture Exhibit at MIT

Written by Urban Sherp on June 19th, 2010

The 2010 Furniture Society’s annual meeting entitled Fusions: Minds & Hands Shaping Our Future, has arrived on the MIT campus in Cambridge. The conference will be held from June16-19th where furniture makers, designers and aficionados convene to explore the latest in design. As part of the event, there will be several installations in and around Boston.

We got a chance to stroll, lounge and recline our way through the “Intellectuals Circle,’’ a public installation on MIT’s Kresge Lawn (right near the giant crosswalk on Mass. Ave,  out if front of Eero Saarinen’s Chapel Building) where visitors are encouraged to enjoy the innovative seating designs and many took this to heart. As we arrived a couple was lounging in the giant knitting needle anchored hammock; a guest kicked her shoes off and took a load off on a his and hers bench; and a pair of friends reflected on the day on an oversized hay couch. Interactive public installations are pretty amazing way to experience art. As patrons are allowed to fully experience the art they become just as much a part of the exhibit as what is actually on display. It makes it seem so much more alive. The exhibit will be on display through the end of July.

Other exhibits not to miss include “Six Degress of Separation” exhibit – a 20-piece exhibit at MIT’s Compton Gallery featuring designs exclusively from furniture makers from New England. And

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    What a great resource!

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    very cool, such high quality furniture and unique designs – and the best part is that all are welcome to use the furniture

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