Modern Minka Aire Concept Ceiling Fan

Written by Urban Sherp on June 16th, 2008

Who: Minka Aire, Corona, CA (HQ)

What: Concept Ceiling Fan

Where: Crescent Harbor, $249.95 – Receive a FREE Retro Table Top Fan with your $300+ Minka Aire purchase. Enter the Promotion Code RETRO during checkout!

Why: After the great success with my first Minka Aire fan, I decided to fight my inner miser and invest in a quality brand. After extensive research, I settled on the Concept for my bedroom. I was limited in that I could not purchase a fan with blades longer than 48″ due to the steep slope of my third floor bedroom–ahh life in an attic and why I desperately needed a ceiling fan. I also had to buy a fan that could be adapted to compensate for the 45 degree slope. And the folks at Minka Group did not disappoint. They sell slope adapters to remedy this problem and combined with an extension rod I was all set. The slope and the DIY wiring upstairs made the installation a bit more complicated, but still relatively easy compared to most ceiling fans. We did have to use the counterweights to balance the fan blades as the fan wobbled a bit causing a clicking noise with each spin. There is still a slight rattle when on the 2nd or3rd setting, so we still have some kinks to work out, but am otherwise quite content. Of course, we installed the fan on a 90 degree day and have not had to use it since as the evenings have been so cool–just another reason why installing a ceiling fan keeps temperatures down. ha.

So, even though none of the icons are lit an eco-friendly shade of green, fans are an eco-friendly alternative to climate control.  They are extremely energy efficient, even those not rated Energy Star. The energy used to run a ceiling fan is comparable to the energy used in a 100-watt incadescent lightbulb!They effectively reduce your cooling costs by 40% when compared to energy costs of air conditioners and if you reverse the direction to clockwise in the winter time you can save up to 10% on your cooling costss as the cold air is forced upwards and the warm air is forced down.

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