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shetkaSTONE Kitchen Countertops Guide


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Another eco-friendly option for your green kitchen countertop is shetkaSTONE. Based in Minnesota, shetkaSTONE countertops are made from 100% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled fiber-based materials such as newsprint, cardboard, office paper, waxed paper, glossy paper, telephone books, magazines and even shredded money. All of the recycled fibers used to create the countertops are sourced within 100 miles of the shetkaSTONE manufacturing facility minimizing the carbon footprint of the overall process while salvaging materials destined for landfills.


shetkaSTONE countertops have a marbled appearance and are available in Latte Brown (using fibers from recycled cardboard), Publisher Grey (using fibers from recycled newspaper), Counterfeit Green (using fibers from recycled bills) and Northern Lights Black (also using recycled newspaper). shetkaSTONE composite surfaces may also be used for chairs, benches, work surfaces, table tops, wall board and panels.


At the end of production a low-VOC topical finish is applied to the countertops protects the countertops from scratches, heat, stains and UV rays. The countertops are also resistant to bacteria and fungus and impervious to water making them great for kitchen and bath applications. This finish can be easily repaired by the homeowner if damaged.


shetkaSTONE machines similar to a hard wood like white oak or maple. So you can saw, drill, router, screw the countertops much like a wood. It can be used with a top-mounted or under-mounted sink.


shetkaSTONE countertops have a 100% sustainable lifecycle – using recycled materials from the onset, shetkaSTONE countertops can be recycled back into shetkaSTONE slabs at the end of their usefulness, as can all waste products created during the manufacturing process. shetkaSTONE is a small operation, so the turnaround on your countertop order may not be that quick.


How Much Do shetkaSTONE Countertops Cost? (Pricing for shetkaSTONE)


shetkaSTONE countertops are priced between granite and Corian


Care & Maintenance for your shetkaSTONE Countertops


For daily cleaning use soapy water on your shetkaSTONE countertops. It is recommended that any spills or water are wiped completely dry to avoid a filmy buildup on your countertops – to remove this build up simply clean with soapy water and then scrub in circular motions with a Scotchbrite pad. Scratches can be removed with mild wet sanding.Always use trivets or pads when placing hot items on the counter surfaces.




SHETKASTONE has a 7-year warranty for the original end-use purchaser.


shetkaSTONE Contact Information


Phone: 507.357.4177


435 W Industrial St.
PO Box 38
Le Center, MN 56057
email: Unknown
website: http://www.shetkastone.com<