How Does Your Garden Grow?

Written by Urban Sherp on March 1st, 2010

Spring Fever has hit. My Christmas tree (I went with a sweet little potted tree this year) is the only green thing outside, it’s been raining for four days and I am still wearing layers of under armour…. This is about the time of year that I fantasize about the garden that will magically transform my 100 square foot backyard into an oasis. Then, of course am reminded that my faulty green thumb might make that a challenge, but perhaps if I had just the right kit…

Here are some of the gardens I am coveting right now:

Vertical Garden, D.I.Y. Panel by Flora Grubb Gardens – $99.95/20″x 20″ flat


Greenworks Moving HedgeWe first saw this one at the ICFF show and it’s amazing! A movable self contained vertical garden that brings the outside in. Maintenance is low – the garden has an integrated self-automated watering and nutrient system. The only other requirement is a good light source. It can be planted with tropical plants, herbs, succulents and all sorts of varieties. Would make a cool room divider and makes for a stunning piece of living art, not to mention a natural air purifier… (email for more info and for distribution)


Edible Greens Planter Kit by Paxton Gate – $49.00 (an indoor garden that’s tidy, manageable & edible!) Update – looks like these modular gardens are completely sold out – hoping they will be back in the spring….


Woolly Pocket (flexible, breathable, & modular gardening containers for horizontal or vertical gardens) – $29-$350


Lechuza’s Self-Watering Planters – only downside is that they are made of plastic – but it’s sturdy, frost & crack proof, so it’s got longevity on its side… ($12.95 & up)

A girl can dream……

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  1. Mar

    cool vertical gardens. want one for my hideous chainlink fence

  2. Mar

    I love the little timber box. So cute.


  3. May

    I am a Garden Design student with a degree in Bioecology. I am really sorry to tell you that, but greenwalls are far from be ecofriendly as they require a huge amount of water, expecially that one placed outside the building. A good selection of climbers will do the same job, but in a ecofriendlier way! :)

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