Dental Floss Refills

Written by Urban Sherp on August 16th, 2008

After one too many reprimands from my dentist about “needing to floss more,” I have become quite faithful to the floss. One day, after a complete flossing debacle forced me to open up the case and rethread the floss onto the spool, I couldn’t help noticing that the case was clearly designed to be refilled. Feeling a bit like an idiot, as all these years I’ve been tossing the case and buying a brand new one each time I ran out of floss. All along I should have just been buying a spool of floss and popping it back into the handy little case. So, I began my web search for spools of dental floss as it just makes sense. I even went so far as to email Crest to see if they could supply me with the spools so I’d stop wasting all of those cases. No response. So why can’t we just buy floss by the spool?? That’s what I want and waiting for word back from Tom’s of Maine, Crest & Preserve……and yes, far too much time spent on such questions of floss……but would definitely be thrilled if floss refills hit the market.


(Updated: August 22, 2008) Recycline’s response to my inquiry about refillable floss containers:

Thank you for writing to Recycline, and for your efforts to reduce the amount of plastic that you use.

Unfortunately I do not know of any companies that sell floss spools without the plastic case. Other Preservers have definitely expressed an interest in the idea of a recycled container for floss, and our product development team is looking into the possibility. We are still some time away from a marketable item, but you may see a Preserve flossing product in the future. I’ll be sure to let our product development team know that I’ve heard more support for a recycled plastic floss case.

Thank you again for your e-mail, and best of luck limiting your plastic consumption!

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